07 December 2008

New York, New Job

Or a return to an old job. Here’s a tale of an old cabbie, who has found a way to beat the recession:

A Cabbie Returns to a 'Recession-Proof' Field



According to Cesar Cascello, there’s one profession that will remain fundamentally recession proof—his own.

“Thank God for us. One thing about Manhattan is that people got to get where they got to get to,” Cascello says.

Cascello is a full-time taxi driver in New York City. His day starts at 3 a.m., when he gets out of bed just in time to punch in an hour later. He drives from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. and most days, he works straight through for 12 hours without stopping to eat. For him, eating just slows him down. “I’m gung-ho,” he says. “I just drive. I’ll just waste half an hour if I go somewhere to eat.”

Full story, here.

I can wholeheartedly endorse his comment: “You meet a lot of people if you’re driving all the time. I can never get bored of my job,” he says. 

Tired after a twelve-hour shift, yes. Bored, no!

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