02 February 2009


Australians don’t do tips. That’s a pernicious American habit, and any good Aussie will make a point of paying exactly what’s on the meter and no more.

And that’s in America. We Aussies do our best to stamp out tipping by not doing it. Usually this lasts until we find out that waiters, cabbies, doormen and so on aren’t paid a decent wage and depend on tips to make ends meet.

So, when I’m travelling, I’ll happily add fifteen percent to the total, scatter a few dollar bills around the hotel, etc.

And nowadays I’ll do it at home. If there’s an element of service involved, and I’ve enjoyed myself, I’ll add a good tip. I always tip cabbies. And it guarantees a smile.

I’ve got more to say in future on the subject of tips. Strategies to maximise tips. The best tips I’ve ever gotten. And the biggest tip I’ve ever given. Worth every Welsh penny for a job well done!

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