14 May 2009

Just a friend

This happens sometimes. They hop in the cab, all funked up, I put a music video on, they start singing and I singalong. I don’t have a wide range of stuff available on the iPhone, but I’ve usually got something.

Pleasant as it is to cruise around this beautiful city, enjoying the bus lanes and the easy parking and the other perks available to cabbies, it’s the people who make the job for me.

Most people are nice, a lot are good company, and a few are simply wonderful. Sharing their lives for a few minutes is what keeps me jumping in the cab, firing it up and heading out for another twelve hour shift.

It’s poor pay, long hours, appallingly unhealthy, sometimes stressful and dangerous, but Oh Lord, is it fun!


NYC taxi photo said...

wow, I heard they let the cabs in london use the bus lanes, but australia too?

Gilighan Qabista said...

nice video mister. very nice. that happens to be one of my favorite songs ever. and i drive a cab. wtf?

Skyring said...

Taxis can use bus lanes, at least in Canberra. And very handy they are too!

As for the song, I immediately went and downloaded a copy for my iPhone.